Our Two Day Agenda

Day 1: Thursday 22nd November


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Lee Chadwick | CommuniGator

Room: Gatsby

Morning Masterclasses


The Top 20 Website Wonders and Blunders – What to Look Out For in 2019

Steve Pailthorpe | Iconic Digital

Every company has a website and with this comes the
opportunity for some spectacular blunders and some brilliant wonders. Let Steve take for few a few of his favourites and he’ll also make sure you know what to look out for and do with your websites in 2019

Room: St Andrews

Landing Zones

Jonny Pryer & Catherine Hammond | CommuniGator

Let us take you through our newest product and provide the top tips to create a standalone web page for your marketing or advertising campaigns.

Room: Gleneagles

Psychology of Colour in Marketing

Katie Hart | Rhetonic

Explore the role colour plays within brands and the brain. How can we apply these lessons to achieve greater recognition, impact and conversions!

Room: Wentworth


Gary Johns | CommuniGator

Leads, leads, we want more leads! Well join the GatorGuru who will share their ‘secrets’ of using this powerful part of the software.

Room: Carnoustie


Digital Marketing Trends for 2019


Best selling digital marketing author & founder of SOSTAC® planning, PR Smith, will talk about digital marketing trends, particularly marketing automation trends and how to write the perfect digital marketing plan – with marketing automation at the heart of the plan. Providing a crystal clear solution in a chaotic digital world. You will love it.

Room: Gatsby

COFFEE BREAK 10:50am – 11:05am


Development Roadmap

Aaron Yates | CommuniGator

See what new products we’ve got in store for you in 2019 and what we’ve delivered so far this year.

Room: Gatsby

Morning Masterclasses


Reporting and Insights

Andrew Wilks | CommuniGator

Learn how to get the most out of your reporting, starting from basic campaign results to identifying your true successes.

Room: St Andrews

Excel for Marketers

Ben Withinshaw & Jo Tivey | CommuniGator

We’ve enrolled the best of the best for this session! Marketers across the land use Excel, but they don’t use it like Jo & Ben from our finance team. Learn the most important and powerful features of Excel for marketing. Put formulas,
PivotTables and charts to work for you!

Room: Gleneagles

Data Management

Krish Patel | CommuniGator

Data-driven marketing automation is heavily dependent upon the accuracy, completeness and validity of the data. Let us help you get yours in shape.

Room: Wentworth

Website Pop Ups – Convert More Visitors into Leads Simon Moss & Jess Brick | CommuniGator

Let Simon and Jess share with you one of Gator’s newest tools. They’ll outline the pros and cons of using pop-ups and give you some ideas and inspiration on how, why and when to use them.

Room: Carnoustie

LUNCH 12:25pm – 1:25pm


Gator Customer Tells All

Martin Turner | Brakes

Hear it from the horse’s mouth! Let one of our very own Gator Customers take you through their amazing workflow, which has helped them save time and deliver some serious results. Learn what they wanted to achieve and how they made it happen using some really smart, automated marketing logic and utilising all the data points at their fingertips.
Room: Gatsby



Web Forms: Get More Leads by Using Them

Natalie Mackenzie | itas

Collect more leads using web forms on your site. Whether it’s a ‘contact us’ form or forms used for ‘gated content’, Natalie will take you through how she uses GatorForms at itas, what happens after a form is filled and ultimately how they help generate more leads for her team to follow-up with.

Room: St Andrews

Convincing Your Sales Team to Follow Up Leads

Jack Bedell-Pearce | 4D Data Centres

There’s nothing worse than a marketing department going to all the trouble of setting up the black magic that is ‘Reverse IP Lookup’ only for the sales team to not use it properly (or worse, at all). Ultimately, the Sales team only want to follow up the hottest leads from GatorLeads and ideally have them handed to them on a plate in their CRM. Managing Director of 4D Data Centres, Jack, will talk about how his company did this (with the help of Communigator), and turned GatorLeads into a lead generating machine.

Room: Gleneagles

Is Your Digital Media Missing 15% of the World’s Population?

Mark Mitchell | Prospects

According to the World Bank, 15% of the world’s population
experience some form of disability. Mark Mitchell will dispel myths about making digital media accessible, explaining how it can provide real benefits, without compromising your design or needing to be hard work. Mark will outline how Shaw Trust Accessibility Services moved into the digital world of sales and marketing using CommuniGator.
Implementing the GatorSuite to create a bigger sales pipeline
without needing more resource.

Room: Wentworth

COFFEE BREAK 2.45pm – 3:00pm

Afternoon Masterclasses


SEO 101:
How to Actually Rank Your B2B Company on Google

Ben Brown | B2BMetric

Want to drive more business through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)? This session breaks SEO down into tangible and profitable activity, including: Technical SEO, On-page SEO and building authority. This actionable talk will give you a step-by-step process on how to rank your company highly in 2018 (against even the largest competitors).

Room: St Andrews

Lead Gen 101

Lee Chadwick  | CommuniGator

If you’re looking at improving or revamping your lead generation strategy, or you’d just like some ideas, join us in this masterclass. We will go over techniques that have emerged over the last year, which strategies are performing and why.
Room: Gleneagles

Email Deliverability 101

Andrew Wilks | CommuniGator

As marketers, you spend a lot of time and money creating world-class email campaigns. However, getting that email into the inbox can be tricky business.

Chris will dissect each area anid provide you with best practices to avoid these traps.

Room: Wentworth

Social Media 101

Paul Magee & Richard Wall | CommuniGator

The world of social media marketing has revolutionised the way we communicate with our customers. Let us take you through the main channels for B2B marketers and how to get the most out of these channels. Room: Carnoustie


Content Creation – Journalist Style

Charles Abel  | Thirty Seven

Inside the mind of a journalist in the business of content marketing.

Award winning journalist Charles Abel will explore the journalistic principles behind creating authentic, compelling and valuable content that captivates audiences and drives revenue.

Room: Gatsby


Email Speed Dating & Networking

Improve your campaigns and get 1:1 time with speakers and gator gurus experts.

Room: Gatsby


AI and The Great British Split Test

Simon Moss | CommuniGator

Let us take you into the world of AI and a/b testing. We’ll share with you our findings over the past year on how AI has performed against it’s predictions and suggestions for our email campaigns. Then we’ll take you through what’s making people click and engage with emails; from subject lines to font type and email design to sending times we’ll share the results from our experiments. Get involved today

Room: Gatsby


Closing Remarks

Lee Chadwick | CommuniGator

Room: Gatsby

to late

Gala Awards Dinner and Entertainment

Golden Gator Ceremony

Join us for a fabulous evening and enjoy the awards ceremony, 3- course dinner, Gator Quiz and the unmissable evenings entertainment.

Room: Gatsby & Champagne Bar

Day 2: Friday 23rd November




WARNING: You will definitely get your hands dirty!

Dive into the products with our GatorGurus and come out the other side with actionable takeaways and working workflows, surveys, landing zone and web forms.




Elliott Palmer & Catherine Hammond | CommuniGator

Want to be inspired to create some amazing workflow? Want to become a workflow whizz?

Now’s your time to build that workflow you dreamed of with our in-house workflow guru. Come prepared with ideas and we’ll help you build it!

Room: St. Andrews

Web  Forms

Jonny Pryer | CommuniGator

We all have webforms on our websites, but are they Gator web forms?!
Create and build a form for your site from scratch. We’ll show you some code to make your forms do some funky things.
We’ll even give you inspiration for what to do post form fill so you can take full advantage of using a Gator form. Room: Gleneagles

Landing Zones

James Wiltshire | CommuniGator

Let’s build a converting landing zone together!
Join our expert and they’ll hold your hand and give you inspiration to build a landing zone for every occasion.
Drive more leads and revenue from campaigns using our new drag and drop landing zone builder.

Room: Wentworth


Charlotte Austin-Olsen | CommuniGator

Want to know what your customers or prospects are really thinking… just ask them!

Whether it’s a customer satisfaction survey or build and agenda for an event or even running a competition, let us help you build that perfect survey in this session! Room: Carnoustie

COFFEE BREAK 10:40am – 10:50am


Look Back on Last Night / What’s Coming Up

Lee Chadwick | CommuniGator

Room: Gatsby


How LinkedIn Uses LinkedIn For Marketing

Jason Miller  | LinkedIn

Want to get the inside track on driving demand and raising brand awareness on the world’s largest professional social network? LinkedIn’s head of content and social media breaks down how LinkedIn uses its own platform to market to customers and prospects across the entire funnel.

Room: Gatsby

LUNCH 12:10pm – 1:10pm



Turn Clicks into Customers with High-Converting Landing Pages

Simon West | Nett Sales

In a world where we are competing for people’s digital attention, Simon will talk about the techniques you can use to get more out of landing pages and how you can get ‘personal’ with using Gator’s new landing zone builder. Simon will cover the key challenges to landing pages will help you start turning clicks into customers with high-converting landing pages and lead generation campaigns.

Room: St. Andrews

Let’s Start Talking to The Right Audience Through Lead Generation

Matt Mortimer | Law Business Research

In this session, you will learn about how you can take your marketing and lead gen efforts to the next level. Move away from email blasting prospects to learning who is interested in your products or services.Room: Gleneagles

Event Management: How To Plan And Run A Great Event

Nathan Shilton | Adroit 

Whether you have specific responsibility for running events or you’re a member of staff who runs events ad-hoc, whether your organisation is small or large, in this session, Nathan will guide you through the processes that will help your event run smoothly and with the minimum of stress.

Room: Wentworth

Successful International Email Marketing

Rene van der Zeeuw | Global Knowledge

This session covers the challenges, complexities and opportunities of implementing a successful international marketing campaign and during the session, best practices and useful tips and tricks will be shared.
Room: Carnoustie


Men and women; what’s the difference?

Katie Hart | Rhetonic

Let Katie take you into the minds of men and women and help you understand how to sell and market to these two different creatures.

Room: Gatsby



Panel Discussion: Insights form our customers and marketing professionals

Chair: Lee Chadwick | CommuniGator
Panellists: Matt Mortimer | Natalie Mackenzie | Steve Pailthorpe | Lynette Stewart | Katie Hart

Hear from our panel of Gator customers and marketers as we explore their use of the software; what they like and how they are using it, and we’ll get them to share their own experiences and views on the marketing landscape as they see it.Chaired by Lee, you’ll be able to submit questions live and get answers to any burning questions you might have about the product or marketing in general.

Room: Gatsby

Afternoon Masterclasses


Building a Data Driven Marketing Programme

James Foulkes | Kingpin Communications

Data data everywhere and most people don’t know where to start. Today, even in SME’s, we have an abundance of information at our fingertips – and interpreting it is nothing short of impossible.

It’s this issue we will look to explore.

We will demonstrate exactly how Kingpin built a tech stack that enables us to improve connect rates for our telemarketing team as well as prove ROI for their clients. Room: St. Andrews

Content Treasure Box

Becky Turton | CommuniGator

Content underpins every marketing channel, and with a treasure box of compelling copy, you can maximise the effectiveness of each. Consider the use of an editorial calendar to truly align your channels and get the most out of your copy. Room: Gleneagles

Presentation Skills Workshop

Tasneem Siddiqi | Media First

Learn how to be more impactful during meetings, presentations and when networking. This interactive session with Tasneem, a television and radio journalist, will focus on presence, personal image, storytelling, voice coaching and body language. Room: Wentworth

Personalising Your Campaigns

James Wiltshire | CommuniGator

We all know that being personal will generate better results, so let us take you through dynamic content, personalised imagery and merge fields – we’ll really get to know each other after this. Room: Carnoustie


Wrap Up & Farewell

Lee Chadwick | CommuniGator

Room: Gatsby